Elegance in Nature

Jackson, WY


This 5,000 square foot newly constructed residence in Jackson Hole, WY, is at its core a contemporary home where clean lines combine with rustic materials to express a deep sense of history melded with a modern profile. The interiors are inspired by the sight of the annual elk migration through the National Elk Refuge from the Gros Ventre mountain range, with finishes and furnishings evoking both the warm tones of the elk seen through the winter fog and the icy, snow-capped mountains.

The beauty of the interiors lives in the interplay of myriad, subtle patterns in wood, stone, textiles, furnishings, accessories, and art.

For this home, a painting of a herd of elk by Katheryn Mapes Turner was the jumping-off point for the interiors and palette — with tonal dark browns fading into soft grays and misty whites.

The home is a study in lovely juxtapositions — soft and hard, matte and shine, wood and stone — rustic elements with a modern sensibility.

  • Interior Design: WRJ Design Associates
  • Architect: Hoyt / CTA Architects
  • Landscape Architect: David Weaver & Associates
  • Builder: Stewart Construction Services