Year-round Refuge

Jackson, WY


This 6,000-square-foot Jackson, WY, residence and guesthouse was newly constructed to prioritize sweeping views of the Teton Mountain Range. The clients’ desire for a permanent home inspired WRJ’s approach to fashioning a year-round residence tailored to the needs of the welcoming owner, their family, and friends.

“If you can understand the story of someone’s life and their heirlooms, you can design a space that will touch their hearts,” Jenkins told Traditional Home in a feature story on the creation of this family’s Jackson Hole “forever home.”

 “We wanted something that had a bit of artistry to it,” says Jenkins of the walnut that encases the Great Room’s side sofas. “The way the wood emphasizes the silhouette gives it soul.”

Wire-brushed oak cabinets keep the culinary space bright against rustic wood and dark steel accents—with the surprise of a working butler’s pantry concealed behind a sliding door.

  • Interior Design: WRJ Design Associates
  • Architect: JLF Architects
  • Landscape Architect: Verdone Landscape Architects
  • Builder: Big D Signature