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Interiors, by nature, are intimate spaces, the sites of our private selves. Helping people realize their dream home is a personal journey, one we approach with respect, professionalism and expertise. In our designs, collected pieces and contemporary acquisitions enrich each other, making for unexpected moments. By layering colors, textures and shapes, we create ambiances at once serene and sophisticated, refined and reflective.

Your interior decorations should be a timeless reflection of you, an elegant tapestry weaving your past, present and future. Whether dwelling in Manhattan, Malibu or the mountains, let us express your life through your environment.

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The Exhibitions We Stage

We listen, we learn, and then we imagine. When we design exhibitions for auction houses, museums, nonprofits and galleries, we give visitors insight into the lives of luminaries by envisioning their favorite rooms, their proudest moments. We recognize the act of collecting as a personal journey for every collector, and therefore approach each collection with respect and enthusiasm for that individual’s eye.

Every collection in our extensive portfolio has refined our ability to produce timeless, transcendent designs. With many recognizable names on our roster, we feel humbled to have worked with such titans of philanthropy, fashion, music and politics.

Exhibitions & Private Collections

Fashion Exhibitions & Events


  • World Climate Summit 2010, Cancun, Mexico
  • Business Climate 2010 and 2011, New York, NY
  • Climate Summit 2011, Washington, DC
  • Grand Teton Music Festival Wine Auction 2012-2015, Jackson, WY
  • “Architecture Matters” AIA WMR Conference 2013, Jackson, WY
  • Revelry (Art Association 50th Anniversary) 2013, Jackson, WY